Kids! You Are Invited To...


Kids ages 4-12 are invited to an exciting time of learning about science the FUN way!

When: July 25 & 26, 2019

Hosted by: Mad Science®! (The world's leading FUN science enrichment provider)

Location: Discovery Bible Fellowship (116th and Garnett in Owasso, OK)

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Lower Elementary (4 years old - entering 1st grade):
Cost: $35 (2 days, morning sessions only)
*Please bring 1 light peanut-free snack w/name labeled on snack

(6-12 year olds)

*Students are required to supply their own lunch and peanut-free snack

Upper Elementary (6-12 year olds):
Cost: $70 (2 full days/4 sessions)
*Please bring 1 light peanut-free snack w/name labeled on snack

Individual Sessions:
$25 for any 3-hour block

Upper Elementary
(6-12 year olds)
Lower Elementary
(4yr – entering 1st)
July 25
9:00 to 12 noon
Whiz Kids
The Human Body & Eye to Eye

July 26
9:00 to 12 noon
Movie Effects & Optics
Ears That Hear & Healthy Choices

The Science of Magic

Lower Elementary: 4 years old - entering 1st grade

* The Human Body, Eye to Eye, Sonic Sound and Healthy Choices (Thursday and Friday mornings only) - Campers discover how our bodies are an amazing machine made up of different organ systems. They learn that bones and muscles help us move and our hearts pump blood and oxygen through all of the body parts. They then get introduced to their sense of sight. Sometimes we do not always see what we think we do. Using telescopes and binoculars are ways in which we can see things that are far away. They then learn how our ears work and how we hear sounds. Sounds are made by vibrations and they travel through the air in waves. They then discover the importance of eating a balanced healthy diet. There is so much to learn on this day!

Upper Elementary: 6-12 year olds

* Whizkids (Inventing means practicality!) - Inventing means practicality! Inventions and patents to protect an invention were very popular in the late 1800s. Inventors Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla were locked in several battles over electrical inventions of their era. Children work together to form circuits and recreate Tesla's bright atmosphere for the 1893 World's Fair. They talk about sound and learn that anyone, a child, woman or man, can be an inventor. The camp moves from simple devices to Rube Goldberg devices and the children perform as parts of a complex human-machine.

* Shipwrecked (Inventing means necessity!) - Inventing means necessity! Archimedes and Benjamin Franklin both created devices to make their society function more smoothly. This day puts children on a deserted island on which they must work together to invent a means for collecting food and water, build shelters, bridges, and learn about density. They use the tools at hand to write messages to send in a bottle and witness a volcanic eruption. The children eventually design a bridge and a boat to escape the island.

* Movie Effects and Optical Illusions - Movie Effects is an exciting introduction to the science involved in the spectacular special effects and technology that are behind motion picture magic. Children learn the science applications in filmmaking, from the chemistry of movie snow, to the acoustics of Foley artist sound effects, to the optics of 3-D technology. Children learn the physics of optics (light). They discover optical illusions as a twisting coil climbs up and down without moving, and when a towel turns into a dog! They manipulate flexible mirrors and explore the world with inversed vision and make a classic mirror illusion.

* Science of Magic - Science of Magic introduces children to a wide variety of scientific topics, challenging them to think logically and scientifically. Natural curiosity leads the way to the ultimate in inquiry-based learning as children ask, “How did they do that?” Scientific concepts ranging from optics to optical illusions and the importance of observation to the chemistry of hydrophilic polymers are investigated. Building an illusion box with a hidden mirror teaches about the science of optics. There are many illusions for children to see and try as they unlock the secrets of the science of magic.

Mad Science® is on a mission: To spark the imagination and curiosity of children everywhere, by providing them with fun, interactive and educational programs that instill a clear understanding of what science is really about and how it affects the world around us. Mad Science® is the world’s leading science enrichment provider. We deliver unique, hands-on science experiences for children that are as entertaining as they are educational. We are proud to introduce millions of children to a world of discovery while sparking their imagination. Mad Science® encourages scientific literacy in children in an age when science is as vital as reading, writing and arithmetic.

 * All programs meet the National and State Science Standards - and yet are filled with fun!